Eric Beck

wood and metal assemblage

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and creating my fish assemblages brings me a great deal of satisfaction, especially working with the texture and aged patina of the various materials and objects. My fish sculptures begin as a vision of shape, form or texture that evolve from a collection of discarded items into a recognizable image. The individual components used to build the sculpture are carefully selected from a large collection of found castoffs often damaged and rusted with little life. Many objects have gained value as antiques. Giving them a new purpose in my sculpture, adds to the meaning.

   Items selected for inclusion are often sharp and dangerous and are deliberately left in that original condition. Every piece selected has a story leaving me wondering about its previous life and why it should be a part of my new sculpture. The majority of objects selected never make it into the piece and are often replaced by others that fit better or justify their inclusion. It always amazes me how a new sculpture reveals its completion and is ready to swim on the workshop wall.

     I’m often asked, “Why so many fish?” Creating fish for me is always about shape, form, function, symmetry, and proportion. These ideas are constantly on my mind as a piece evolves and objects added contribute detail to the completion of the original vision.

Eric's new works "Cape Cod Junk Drawers" are wonderful found object assemblages that draw the viewer to search deeper and deeper into the art. You never know what you'll discover!!