This expansive image captures that "first sight" of Provincetown with the wonderful row of Truro cottages standing by the bay, the Pilgrim Monument standing tall in the background, the hills and dunes opening up before you as your heart says, "you've arrived." This limited to 100 giclee is printed on archival paper and may be purchased framed, as shown, or unframed.

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All are numbered, titled and signed by the artist.


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This limited edition giclee measures 8" tall by 26" wide. Prints are hand signed, hand numbered and dated by the artist, Shirl Roccapriore.


THE STORY OF HOW THE MURAL WAS CREATED ________________________________



In the Spring of 2014, Shirl Roccapriore painted a 5' H x 23' W mural at the Stop and Shop store on Shank Painter Road in Provincetown. This project was the brainstorm of Store Manager, Melinda McCarthy. "We live in this amazing art colony and it only makes sense to have art on our walls” says McCarthy. Roccapriore and McCarthy met at Mac’s Seafood Restaurant one evening in mid winter 2013 and Shirl was the first painter to jump on board when McCarthy pitched her idea. Shirl put a shout out to all her friends on Facebook for any old house paint they might have laying around and would want to get rid of and donate. And donate they did!!! Stop and Shop graciously supplied the scaffolding and some of the materials used, Conwell Hardware & Lumber donated materials as did Lands End Marine Supply. So this became an awesome community project!! The image Shirl used as a reference was of her wife Dot Caruso's idea. "I have always loved that view of when you first come into town over the hill from Truro," Dot said. And that was IT!!!

Roccapriore didn't want to paint something that had been done before and to her knowledge, this hadn't been done or at least not in the way she chose to paint it. The title "You've Arrived" seems to capture the essence most people feel when they come upon this view. "Whether you live here and have been away for awhile, or it's your very first time coming to Provincetown, you reach that pinnacle moment on Rt 6 when you realize... "You've Arrived" and there is this sense of Ahhhhhhh! And THAT is what I wanted to convey in this mural" Roccapriore says. She’s never painted anything quite this large before. With an ear to ear smile she exclaims “I was like a little kid up on that scaffolding mixing colors and painting on the giant wall. It was such an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget”. Shirl would like to thank Melinda McCarthy, Stop and Shop, Julie Tremblay Photography, Conwell Ace Hardware and Lumber, Lands End Marine Supply, her wife Dot Caruso, Jo and Nick Sinacori and ALL the friends who happily donated their old house paint.