Shirl Roccapriore

oil painter •

gallery administrator

Living on this tiny spit of sand at what feels like the ends of the earth, I am drawn to the gulls, cormorants, plovers, goshawks, red tail hawks, crows and other bird species indigenous to this part of the planet. Provincetown is part of the National Seashore. Within fifteen minutes in any direction, I am in the heart of nature surrounded by wide open spaces which serves as a sanctuary. 


My attraction to birds started as a young child amazed at the spacial relationship they have with one another in flight and on the wire. Like music notes on a staff their natural design is exquisite and represents for me the natural order in spacial relationship at its best. 


This bird fascination has stayed with me all my life no matter where I have ever traveled or lived.  I am deeply inspired and influenced by the work of Robert Motherwell who's keen eye and experienced hand can make a black mark on a white background - so unconstrained and explosive yet quite deliberate. I gravitate toward the "non rendering" and more on the "abstract expression" of the brush stroke as a way of suggestion.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by beauty everyday and it is imperative that as an artist, I attempt to mimic my muse in the simplest of terms.

Shirl Roccapriore is also well known for her figurative nudes.

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Low Tide Encaustic

18 x 18 • Encaustic on Board