Christine Sullivan



Sullivan's more than fifty-year connection to the Cape started at a very young age when playing in the waves of Nauset and digging for clams on the salt ponds was all that was needed to feel joy. After walking away from a pioneering career in cable television it is painting that brings her back to the Cape and renews this connection.









Christine's work is represented in numerous private collections across the USA, Canada and Europe.​



"My painting process is much like digging for clams - at first I am clawing and scraping in the muck at low tide until I can feel the wind in my hair and smell the salt air and really let go - this is when my palette knife pulls pathways from deep within my soul, towards a welling memory of a place where time stood still and I could just...breathe.."

Round About

🔴 SOLD 12 x 12" Oil on Linen